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Vajilla CalifalVajilla Califal

Caliphate Crockery

Luxury ceramics of Muslim origin present on the most important trade routes in the Middle Ages. Sought by Popes, Kings, nobles and wealthy gentlemen..



Desks, arm chairs, buffets … classical furniture and typically Hispanic, gave way to new styles influenced by European trends.

Vidrio y CristalVidrio y Cristal

Glass and Crystal

Variety and richness of objects created to adorn and embellish ... to use and serve.



Personal ornaments, of rich and complex social, religious and symbolic overtones.



Part of female attire, commonly used in ceremonies and celebrations, deeply rooted in Spanish tradition.



Adopted from the east, with rich embroidery and varied decoration …



Halfway between utility and ornament. Usual in the popular dress of some Spanish regions like Valencia, and intimately linked with the mantilla.



From wood, bone or mother of pearl … from silk, feathers, or paper … they add color and grace to the dress and cool you down.

Pineapple FabricPineapple Fabric

Pineapple fabric

The most elegant and exotic artisanal fabric, of beautiful texture, made from pineapple leaves. It comes from the cultural fusion of Spain, Mexico and the Philippines.

Roncalese CostumesRoncalese Costumes

Roncalese Constumes

A sign of identity for the people of the Roncal Valley of Navarro. The different types of costumes are a rich patrimony.

Pastoral ArtArte Pastoril

Pastoral Art

Reflecting the sense of the herders, in the solitude of the countryside while tending the cattle, with all its dreamlike and symbolic universe.

Iberian SculptureEscultura Ibérica

Iberian Sculpture

Its iconography bearing messages transports us to remote times to a powerful culture of beliefs and rituals.

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