Cultural Spaces

Arqueología SubacuáticaNational Museum of Subaquatic Archaeology

National Museum of Subaquatic Archaeology

A balcony overlooking the Mediterranean, witness to distant histories, of seafaring people … of battles and conquests … trade and peace …

National Museum of Natural SciencesNational Museum of Natural Sciences

National Museum of Natural Sciences

A benchmark in research and study. A meeting point where the visitor can approach the scientific knowledge content of many centuries of history.

National Museum of RailwaysMuseo Nacional del Ferrocarril

National Museum of Railways

Railway tracks to unite and communicate, cross rivers and mountains, signs of progress and modernity!

Instituto Histórico Médico de ValenciaInstitute of Medical History and Science. Museum

Institute of Medical History and Science. Museum

A corner of science in the heart of Valencia … collections to discover, scientists to admire … a space to learn and visit.

Jardin BotánicoBotanical Garden

Botanical Garden

A microcosm of nature in the center of Madrid … a beautiful explosion of aromas and color … a walk through history, science and art.

Museo de Ciencias Naturales de ValenciaMuseum of Natural Sciences Valencia

Museum of Natural Sciences Valencia

A space to learn, enjoy and play … of science and technology, nature and living things.

Museum of AnthropologyMuseum of Anthropology

National Museum of Anthropology

The first anthropological museum founded in Spain in 1875. It gives an overview of different peoples and cultures, while promoting tolerance, respect and cultural diversity.