Cultural Spaces

Sorolla MuseumSorolla Museum

Sorolla Museum

A corner of the Valencian Mediterranean in the center of Madrid, steeped in its light and its scent of orange blossom; a place to visit, to dream and get close to this universal painter. One of the few artist's studios and workshops preserved in Spain that you can visit.

National Museum of TheatreNational Museum of Theatre

National Museum of Theatre

A stage to perform, a script to interpret, some actors to applaud, a writer to praise … and an undisputable protagonist, who always admire: the public.

Lázaro Galdiano FoundationLázaro Galdiano Foundation

Lázaro Galdiano Foundation

Heterogeneous collection, which talks of art and artists, of history and private collectors.

National Museum of Roman ArtNational Museum of Roman Art

National Museum of Roman Art

The historical weight of the great Roman Empire survives, and is present in this exceptional museum which takes us back to a time and period: that of the glorious Emerita Augusta.

National Museum of Decorative ArtsNational Museum of Decorative Arts

National Museum of Decorative Arts

The subtle ways that link craftsmen and artists are present in collections that mix styles, express the everyday and the luxurious … use and contemplate.

Cerralbo MuseumCerralbo Museum

Cerralbo Museum

A mansion in the heart of Madrid, which takes us back to another time, another style of life, of feeling and thinking …

San Gregorio College National MuseumSan Gregorio College National Museum

San Gregorio College National Museum

In the interior of an architectural jewel some of the most important examples of Spanish imagery can be found.

National Museum of Ceramics and  Sumptuary ArtsNational Museum of Ceramics and  Sumptuary Arts

National Museum of Ceramics and Sumptuary Arts

A Palace for a Museum, that of the Maqueses de Dos Aguas, and a tour of the history of Spanish Ceramics thanks to some exceptional resources.

Zaragoza MuseumZaragoza Museum

Zaragoza Museum

Originating in the ecclesiastical confiscation carried out in the XIX century during the reign of Queen Maria Cristina (1835), curates and exhibits to the public relevant pieces of archaeological heritage, fine art, ceramics, ethnology and the Celsa Colony.

Cáceres MuseumCáceres Museum

Cáceres Museum

Popularly known as the Museo de las Veletas, in the heart of the monumental city of Caceres, moves from prehistory to the Visigoth era, with a Hispano-Arabic well and an interesting collection of Fine Art.

Ibercaja Foundation Camón Aznar MuseumIbercaja Foundation Camón Aznar Museum

Ibercaja Foundation Camón Aznar Museum

Enjoy this Renaissance palace. Goya is the protagonist.

José Benlliure House-MuseumJosé Benlliure House-Museum

José Benlliure House-Museum

A studio in which to create, a Mediterranean garden in which to relax and rooms in which to live

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