Cultural Spaces

Museo SefardíMuseo Sefardí

Sefardí Museum

A synagogue for a museum: the ‘Traffic’, which survives in the memory, which is a meeting and crossroads of cultures, history and a common past.

Museo de AltamiraMuseo de Altamira

Altamira Museum

Centuries of history look down on us in a museum that talks of origin and evolution, adaptation and progress, thoughts and artistic expressions.

Museo Nacional del Traje CIPEMuseo Nacional del Traje CIPE

National Museum of Clothes CIPE

Gateway to tradition and modernity, classicism and vanguardism … of art and creativity …

Museo de AméricaMuseo de América

Museum of America

A corner of America in Madrid … a walk through history that leads to a continent to be discovered, cultures to know and to learn about.

Museo del RomanticismoMuseo del Romanticismo

Museum of Romanticism

A look back to the past, to the intimacy of a Bourgeois Madrid home, inviting us to come and dream …

Museo del EjercitoMuseo del Ejercito

Military Museum

From the eternal Toledo, the Alcazar stands proud, a strong rock that treasures art and history: that now houses the museum resources.

Museo NavalMuseo Naval

Naval Museum Madrid

A fascinating journey to discover the magnificent collections that illustrate five centuries of Spanish maritime history.

The Dinastía Vivanco Museum of Wine CultureThe Dinastía Vivanco Museum of Wine Culture

The Dinastía Vivanco Museum of Wine Culture

An international reference point for wine, its history, its development, its symbolism and the various cultural and artistic events held around it.

Alhambra MuseumAlhambra Museum

Alhambra Museum

At the heart of the Alhambra complex, a museum where you can enjoy the wealth of Hispano-Muslim Art.