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Luis BuñuelLuis Buñuel

Luis Buñuel

Filmmaker (1900-1983)
‘… mystery is the key element in every work of art …’

Wolf VostellWolf Vostell

Wolf Vostell

Visual Artist (1932-1998)
‘… I made noise visible at the same time as form disappeared …’

El GrecoEl Greco

El Greco en Toledo

Painter (1541-1614)
As stated by Manuel de Falla: ‘… the noble interpreter of the soul and the fire of Spain’

Manuel González MartíManuel González Martí

Manuel González Martí

Artist, intellectual and collector
Artisan of the creation of the National Museum of Ceramics and Sumptuary Arts Valencia based in the Dos Aguas Palace.

Pablo GargalloPablo Gargallo

Pablo Gargallo

Esculptor (1881-1934)
‘Sculpture is in space, poetry is in time: that is dynamic, sculpture is static‘.

Lauri VolpiLauri Volpi

Lauri Volpi

Opera singer (1892-1979)
Two artists sharing a common destiny …,through a shared love: of the bel canto



Painter (1746-1828)
One of the great masters of Spanish painting, difficult to pigeonhole.

José BenlliureJosé Benlliure

José Benlliure

Painter (1855-1937)
Brother of Mariano, noted for his gifts as a portraitist.

Mariano BenlliureMariano Benlliure

Mariano Benlliure

Esculptor (1862-1947)
The most famous member of the artistic saga of the Benlliure family

Pablo SerranoPablo Serrano

Pablo Serrano

Esculptor (1908-1985)
'My work is a complete compendium of concepts, symbols and messages in which I have emptied my soul'.


Julián Gayarre

Tenor (1844-1890)
A global Navarrese, distinguished Roncalese . A historic tenor


Pablo Sarasate

Composer and violinist (1844-1908)
Outstanding Navarrese soloist of international acclaim.
His work combines passion and force.

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