Spaces, games and toys

Juegos de MesaJuegos de Mesa

Board Games

From yesterday and of today, conceived as entertainment for leisure time: cards, dice, chess, puzzles…

Espacios DomésticosEspacios Domésticos

Domestic spaces

A look back at the past, the intimate space of the town houses, rooms differentiated by their use and the division between the male and female world.

Miniaturas, reflejo de la sociedadMiniaturas, reflejo de la sociedad

Miniature, reflection of society

True copy of the models of the adult world, of the division of gender roles in society.

Juguetes de GéneroJuguetes de Género

Gender Toys

Reflections of the adult world and of the mentality of each period.


Smoking room

Rooms created in the town houses for the enjoyment of tobacco and monkfish, a well regarded social habit for men at that time.

Humor GráficoHumor Gráfico

Graphic Humor

Cartoons and jokes … an art full of humor, grace and meritorious drawing.

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