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Writer (1547-1616)
‘In my novels I have opened a way for the Castilian language to illustrate nonsense with propriety …’
‘From my earliest years I loved the sweet art of pleasing poetry and always tried to please you in it …’

Lope de VegaLope de Vega

Lope de Vega

Writer (1562-1635)
Nothing like Lope's words when referring to the Casa Museo in the downtown Barrio of the Literature in Madrid … My cottage, my calm, my little orchard and study’.

Vicente Blasco IbañezVicente Blasco Ibañez

Vicente Blasco Ibañez

Writer, journalist and politician (1867-1928)
‘… I come to tell you mate a very interesting story that occurred to me last night …’ ‘… I was born to tell stories …’

Fernando León y CastilloFernando León y Castillo

Fernando León y Castillo

Lawyer, politician and diplomat (1842-1918)
Skilled negotiator, diffuser of liberal ideas and great supporter of Gran Canaria. His program for the islands was embodied in the phrase: 'All for Gran Canaria, everything to Gran Canaria'

Tomás MoralesTomás Morales

Tomás Morales

Poet (1884-1921)
'Puerta de Gran Canaria on the Atlantic sound with its red lanterns in the evening haze and the disk of the moon below the blue romantic shimmering in the movable serene sea'.

Benito Pérez GaldósBenito Pérez Galdós

Benito Pérez Galdós

Writer (1843-1920)
'I am not to blame that life is nurtured by virtue and by sin, by the beautiful and the ugly'

Marco Valerio MarcialVicente Blasco Ibañez

Marco Valerio Marcial

Latin poet (40-104)
'Being able to enjoy the memories of life is to live twice.'

Charles VII and Margarita de BorbónCharles VII and Margarita de Borbón

Charles VII and Margarita de Borbón

(1848-1909)/ (1847-1893)
Charles VII, Carlist pretender and his wife Margarita, known as the angel of charity. Discover them in the Museo del Carlismo de Estella.

San Francísco JavierSan Francísco Javier

San Francísco Javier

Francisco de Jasso Azpilcueta Atondo y Aznares de Javier (1506-1552)
Navarrese Missionary of the Society of Jesus. He was named Apostle to the Indies, for his missions in East Asia and Japan.

Gómez MorenoGómez Moreno

Gómez Moreno

Historian and Archaeologist (1870-1970)
One of the most outstanding personalities of twentieth century Spanish culture. Throughout his life, reflecting his unique sensibility, he brought together a magnificent artistic and archaeological collection, an important library and an archive which today we can enjoy in the Rodríguez-Acosta Foundation Granada.

Federico García LorcaFederico García Lorca

Federico García Lorca

Poet 1898-1936
…Today as yesterday, gypsy, my death,
great to be with you alone,
in these light breezes of Granada, my Granada!

Antonio Machado