From the stove to the table

Cocina ValencianaCocina Valenciana

Valencian Cuisine

Discover the tastes and the reflection of Spanish society from the second half of the XVIII century through the Valencian ceramic industry.

Comedor CerralboComedor Cerralbo

Cerralbo Dining Room

Scene showing the customary table lay out systems of the late XIX century.

Comedor RomanticismoComedor Romanticismo

Romantic Dining Room

A beautiful room, used by the affluent Elizabethan society, both for daily use and for special treats.

Comedor Gonzalez MartíComedor Gonzalez Martí

Gonzalez Marti Dining Room

Grapes, pomegranates, hares, ducks, birds, fishing scenes, fruit, delicacies … decorate and dress up this palace space: of the Marqueses de Dos Aguas.

Flavors of the earth



From America to Spain with the first conquerors … from the cocoa seed, to sweet chocolate.



From an ancient tradition, wine is history and culture.


Olive oil

Of Mediterranean origin, the olive tree is part of our culture since antiquity.

Agricultura ViajeraAgricultura Viajera

Nomadic agriculture

Products of the soil … variety and color on the table.

Olive oilOlive oil

Olive oil

…your ever-flowing peace, your green essence
your over-flowing treasure which descends
in streams from the olive tree.

Pablo Neruda

Pots and table services

Entre PucherosEntre Pucheros

Among Pots

Earthenware and casseroles, spoons and stewing pots, mortars and pestles … all at the service of the stove.

Servicio de MesaServicio de Mesa

Table service

To set a good table … beautiful china, delicate crystal, polished silver, a fine tablecloth.

Filtro de AguaFiltro de Agua

Water filter

Pure drinking water contained in a beautiful alabaster filter.