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Gustavo de MaeztuGustavo de Maeztu

Gustavo de Maeztu

Painter (1887-1947)
Spanish painter and revivalist of Basque painting. "That which can be beautiful can also be eternal".

Jorge OteizaJorge Oteiza

Jorge Oteiza

Esculptor (1908-2003)
Sculptor of emptiness and silence. Revolutionary twentieth century sculpture. His creative capacity transcended any aesthetic language.

Julio Romero de TorresJulio Romero de Torres

Julio Romero de Torres

Painter (1874-1930)
Allegorical landscapes, works full of symbolism, precise forms … every picture is a living history. He captures better than anybody the essence of Cordoba, through its women…

Pablo Picasso in MálagaPablo Picasso in Málaga

Pablo Picasso in Málaga

Painter (1881-1973)
Tireless versatility and imagination. He never renounced his Andalusian roots and his childhood in Malaga was always present in his work.

Manuel de Falla in GranadaManuel de Falla in Granada

Manuel de Falla in Granada

 Composer (1876-1947)
‘He went to Granada for silence and time, and Granada gave lavishly of harmony and eternity’.
Juán Ramón Jiménez

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