Festivals and Celebrations



“… '… I am braver than you, more of a gypsy and more of a bullfighter …' García Lorca

Circo RomanoCirco Romano

Roman Circus

Racing turned into a spectacle, one of the forms of entertainment during the Roman Empire.

Trajes RegionalesTrajes Regionales

National costumes

Cultural events, reflecting the idiosyncrasies of the villages and regions of Spain.

Accesorios, indumentaria popularAccesorios, indumentaria popular

Accessories, and popular dress

Basic elements of the culture and of a people's tradition, and of the community where they were developed.



Struggles featuring gladiators and animals became one of the most popular shows during the Roman Empire.

Festejos PopularesFestejos Populares

Popular celebrations

A rich and varied cultural mosaic which defines us.

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